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Complete Studio Packages from under £10,000 fitted!
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We've fitted studios in all sorts of places. Commercial, community, charity, hospital, prison, school, college, university, bank, church and many more. We've built them into basements, attics, blocks of flats, sheds, plus rooms more traditionally associated with radio and web broadcasting.

We offer packages really as a guide to what's available, but they are totally configurable to your specific requirements

The studio shown on the left is fitted in a school and is a basic Airmate package with very few extras. The guides will give you a list of items found in each package plus estimated installation time (which is included in the price within 150miles of Wolverhampton. Installation may cost a little more at greater distances to allow for travel and accommodation. Due to rapid price changes, we can only offer a quote with a guaranteed price on request, limited to 30 days. Products also change rapidly, so substitutions will be made as required for a formal quote. The packages below offer a guide, but can be updated quickly if required. Please email us as above

Airmate Package around £8200

Sonifex S1 Package around £13000

Sonifex S2 Package around £21500

  • Three packages based on 1:Airmate, 2:Sonifex S1, 3:Sonifex S2
  • Ideal Community radio studio
  • Great for school radio
  • Perfect for college or university
  • Self-op or driven
  • Packages can all be 'tweaked' and added to
  • Additional items such as transmission, links, decor, acoustics, multiple studios etc.
  • Change the woodwork to suit. All bespoke.
  • Please call for your application!
  • 01902 763355!

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