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Basic Airmate Package
Around £8200
Inc VAT and UK Delivery

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This is our entry level studio package which consists of the ever popular Airmate console, with two built in TBUs. This is mounted in woodwork as shown in the picture. Exact woodwork sizes can be modified as required. The AT2020 mics on MS-15 arms with windshields (two of each) allows for voice input with MS-20 speakers from Behringer, PPA4 headphone pre-amp, and three pairs of ATH-M20 headphones allowing great monitoring facilities. Music is available through the CD292USB dual CD player and through the PC with Autoplus software. The output, with the Podblaster and distribution amplifier allows level controlled outputs to any transmission or recording system.

This complete studio is ideal for Community Radio start up, requiring only a transmitter and aerial to go on air. Alternatively, go straight on line through a streaming server on other hardware solution. School Radio and Hospital Radio are also great users of the Airmate, which with the two TBUs is even more impresive. This is our lowest budget studio, which of course can be further reduced, but please have a look at the other option we can supply

This package should take around two days to install including basic training.

Sonifex S1 Package

Sonifex S2 Package


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