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D & R Airmate USB

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This new Airmate-USB model has 6 balanced mic inputs (+48 phantom), 12 stereo line inputs, 2 X USB and 2 X built in Telephone Hybrids.
Channel 5 and 6 have Mic/Line and USB interface to transfer audio to and from your PC.
Channel 7 and 8 have stereo line input, and an RJ-11 connector to interface with a standard POTS line with a second socket for a telephone handset. The high quality built in Hybrids with R and C balance plus direct Talk back built into the Hybrid channels makes conversation with listeners very easy.
The front panel ON switch is wired in series with the built in mechanical fader start enabling selection of start either by fader or hard start via the ON switch. Faders selected to mic inputs generate Mic-on signalling to switch on ON-Air lights and also mute the CR speakers (only in SELF-OP mode). A 3- band Equalizer is provided on channel 1-6, and the stereo AUX send can be set pre or post fader (internally on jumpers). All mic inputs have low cut jumpers. The mono clean feed send is available for use with external Hybrids (channels fed to CF
internally selected on jumpers). A stereo AUX return allows for further expansion and the TAPE return allows for external monitor inputs.

  • Channels 1-4 triple I/P (Mic/Line/Line able to take RIAA module)
  • Channels 5 and 6 Triple I/P (Mic/Line/USB)
  • Channels 7 and 8 Dual I/P (Hybrid/Line)
  • XLR outputs
  • Red light contacts (low power)
  • Pres and Guest H/P feeds
  • Cleanfeed for external TBU
  • Stereo Aux
  • Aux return
  • Talkback built in
  • 100mm faders on all channels
  • 19" width, 8U height, 95mm deep, 11kg
  • Ideal for budget installation
  • Great production desk

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